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A Paddle Boarder's Guide to Dodging Jellyfish

We have recently discovered that our boards provide the perfect viewing platform to observe these beautiful, alien-like creatures!

Summer has (finally) arrived in the UK, bringing with it sunshine, calm waters and - perhaps more surprisingly - hordes of jellyfish.

Preferring warmer sea temperatures, jellyfish tend to drift into UK waters in the summertime and are often spotted by paddle boarders exploring the coastline.

While some jellyfish do pack a nasty sting, most found in UK waters tend to have mild stings that can safely be treated by simple first aid techniques (the NHS). However, it is advised that you observe these weird and wonderful creatures from a distance – perhaps from the safety of your Offshore Paddle board.

If you do spot a jellyfish when out paddling, you can report it to your local Wildlife Trust.

The Wildlife Trust works with scientists, politicians and local communities in order to protect Britain’s marine wildlife. On their website you can find a comprehensive jellyfish identification guide, as well as instructions about how you can help to protect marine wildlife in your area.

Here at Offshore Paddle HQ we'd love to see photos of your jellyfish dodging adventures! Be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #offshorepaddleadventure or you can send us your photos via direct message to our account: @offshorepaddle.

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