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Sandbanks Sunrise SUP

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

A Bank Holiday Love Letter to Paddle Boarding

Sandbanks is a small spit stretching across the mouth of Poole harbour. Home to some of England’s most impressive mansions, Sandbanks is a destination popular with holiday makers drawn to the peninsular by its natural beauty, blue flag beaches and spectacular views of Old Harry Rocks and, on a clear day, the Isle of White.

This location is very close to our hearts here at Offshore Paddle. It is our home and we have spent a lot of time perfecting our boards in Poole Bay to ensure that they provide quality and comfort in all conditions.

While it is wonderful that this small peninsular is enjoyed by so many, Sandbanks can get very busy during peak tourist times – particularly during Bank holidays.

One way to escape the bank holiday bustle is to take to the water at sunrise.

While a 4am start may not sound like the most relaxing way to start your day, there is something magical about rolling out of bed and straight onto the water. While what feels like the rest of the world is asleep, you can effortlessly glide across the glassy water in your pyjamas, alone but for the birds who seem almost too sleepy to notice or care about your presence.

If you are a beginner, you can enjoy the calm that comes with the early morning – undisturbed by boat traffic and winds which may pick up throughout the day.

For the paddle boarding pros, sunrise can be the perfect time to try some paddle board yoga - a great way to wake up your body and improve your balance on your board.

As the sun climbs steadily higher above the horizon, you’ll notice some signs of life on the shore as people slowly emerge from their houses, puffy eyed and blinking in the morning sunshine.

As you return to land, you’ll notice that the beaches – empty when you took to the water – are already starting to fill with dedicated holiday makers, set on being the first to claim their small patch of sand. You’ll glide onto the beach beside them, quickly pack away your board and head home, content in the knowledge that you’ve stolen a few hours with the peninsular to yourself.

Arriving back at home you can enjoy a well-deserved coffee or alternatively collapse back into bed, relishing another few hours of sleep before rising at a completely acceptable time.

Proudly established in Bournemouth and perfected in Poole Bay, Offshore Paddle boards are accessible for all, providing reliable comfort in conditions from calm to choppy.

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